Monday, August 29, 2011

New aprons and Chocolate cake

Ready to bake a cake ... team effort!

One of my lovely friends made a flour less chocolate that I thought tasted more like a truffle than cake so the girls and I decided to try out the new baking aprons!  This recipe has more chocolate in it than a factory and I won't mention the amount of butter ... but it is a lot! Six eggs, chocolate, sugar and BUTTER!  So here is a few pictures but sorry no finished cake pic, it didn't last long around here : )

Friday, August 26, 2011

One week of school down

Good morning,  Early this morning I arose out of bed thinking, "I need to get my oldest ready for school!" But quickly remembered, no school on Friday's ... how wonderful!  To my surprise the girls are still sleeping, must have been a busy week!  I am not sure where summer went or how the days seem to run into each other.  Here a week of school has came and went! Last night while listening to a radio program I was reminded that God will provide for all our needs today.  Not to worry about tomorrow or hang on to yesterday.  I am learning this, most of my life I had to have an organized plan about tomorrow, which usually didn't pan out anyway!  So, I am slowing down, or so I think : ) and enjoying just now, just today, and savoring it up like a chocolate truffle melting on my tongue.  Oh, that would taste awesome with my coffee this morning, maybe a handful of chocolate chips may have to do! ; )

This snapshot is from the other day, I just love it when a dark cloud opens up and rays of light shine out, always have.  So I will share it.  He tells me things this world never will.  Enjoy today : )

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Happy Sunny Day!

Well, today is the first post here and as I heard my four year old proclaim this morning "Happy Happy Sunny Day!" My heart swelled.  It is, warm sun, bright light and one mammoth sunflower facing the East.  My girls sprinkled sunflower seeds around in June and the bright yellow is here!  Everyday God reveals a breathtaking moment to all of us if we open our hearts and minds, slow down and look around.  It is amazing that it took me getting a camera to stop, look and notice.  I was in a hurry passing by His astounding creation and forgetting ...  to stop and look at the bugs too! ; )  So, in everything I photograph, talk about and reflect upon will be about my deep love, respect and giving my camera lens and glory to God!